Many ways for Jesus to fulfill his mission

Ascended Master Saint Germain, October 29, 2009, through Kim Michaels.

And that, of course, is the ultimate joy of a father: to see the children find it within themselves. Find it within themselves. What good is it, if you continually have to rely on outer measures – be it reading the stars or casting lots or looking into a crystal ball – in order to know, supposedly, what is the right thing to do? There must come a point, where you take responsibility for yourself. Which means what? It means realizing, that although you have a divine plan that outlines the broad steps, the broad strokes, the details – sometimes quite broad details – are up to you, and you are choosing your creative expression.

The divine plan is not a straightjacket. Divine direction is not a straightjacket. It gives you some outlines, and then within those outlines you are meant to fill in the details—not in a predefined way, but in a creative way. Oh yes, this is indeed the subtle difference, as Jesus spoke about yesterday, between those who follow the outer path and those who follow the inner path.

Those who follow the outer path believe, that somewhere up in heaven, there is a divine plan that is outlined in minute detail. And you need to use some kind of measure here on earth to get direction for how to take every step on that path. And then you simply follow it blindly, and then in the end – when having done everything you could do to get this direction and follow every step blindly – then you will be rewarded by entry into the kingdom of God, which you see as an external kingdom, where there is a gate somewhere that you can enter.

But you see, as Jesus explained, it is an inner path, and that means what? It means it cannot be mechanical. It cannot be predefined. It is a creative path, my beloved. Oh yes—I know that for so long, for so many centuries, Christians from all over the world have looked at the scriptures, have heard the stories of Jesus' life, and they have thought that everything that happened was preordained. But you see, there are many ways to be the Christ. It is not that being the Christ means putting on a straightjacket.

There were many ways even for Jesus to have been the Christ. There were many ways. As he said himself yesterday, he did not give just one Sermon on the Mount. He gave many. Each one being slightly different, each one being a creative expression. Even the Beatitudes he gave yesterday for a more modern age and an expanded state of consciousness, even those could be expressed in many ways for different audiences, for different circumstances.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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